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5Redirect 301 for PlainBlack WebGUI
This is a redirect 301 macro for famous honourable WebGUI CMS. It is very easy to use, just type like this: SetRedirect(""); or SetRedirect("your-new-page"); Don't forget ^ character before the macro name.

4Macro: PageIfElse
Macro for pulling metadata or data from the Asset in which it's embedded. If it is not defined, will return the second argument passed to this routine, from the Asset in which it's embedded.

0WG site toggle shell script
This script will rename conf files to enable/disable them on the next WebGUI restart. It is designed to be used in non-production environments only.

0Thingy Select List Alphabetizer
Thingy is a great tool, but a challenge to use because of the randomized-select-list bug. This bit of jQuery-assisted JavaScript re-orders the items in select lists client-side as a temporary fix until the bug gets fixed.

07.10 Metadata Upgrade Fix
The upgrade from 7.9 to 7.10 adds metadata versioning, but fails to fully update existing metadata values, causing the apparent disappearance of metadata. This utility script updates the metaData_values table to add proper revisionDates.

0MLthingy Operation
Ultimate solution for easy getting usable table and field names in your Thingy!

Package WebGUI::Macro::YUIDateChooser DESCRIPTION Macro for displaying a YUI ( popup calendar attached to an input tag as specified by input_field_name. process ( [libs], input_field_name, [calendar title], ["opti

42.jpg OpenId Auth Module
I am currently working on a WebGUI Auth module that supports OpenId.

to show special offers on your site

5Facebook Publisher
A baseline system for cross publishing content from a WebGUI site out to Facebook fan pages.

0MLajax - Autocompletion formfield
Do you like autocompleting formfields? This operation delivers the JSON-part to realize changing input fields. Better still, the perldoc describes a full example using SQLReport.

4screenshot1.PNG Theme: SiteStrong
A strong and flexible business theme for WebGUI.

0Data Form Email Template with Mailfields
This template provides a Data Form email template that includes the mailfields (e.g., To, CC, Bcc, Subject, ReplyTo) in the message.

0Random Visible Asset Proxy macro
A variation on the RandomAssetProxy macro that eliminates unviewable assets from consideration, ensuring that the viewer will see something, if at least one asset is visible.

4MLredirect Operation
A logged redirect operation of an Url. Usefull for tracking redirects.

5wgd-reset-help.png WGDev
A script with multiple commands for WebGUI developers

0Screen-shot-2011-05-06-at-4.24.59-PM.png Envolve Chat Macro
This enables the Envolve chat system in WebGUI.

5FancyBox4WebGUI-popup.jpg FancyBox for WebGUI
This package provides the FancyBox jQuery library v1.3.4 for displaying images, videos, and HTML content in an elegant box.

4Thing Linker
Use this utility script to batch-update internal links between Thingy Things when importing a relational database into Thingy.

4GreenPlanet_scr2.PNG Theme: Green Planet
An aesthetic theme that is light and simple.

0DesignStudio_scr2.PNG Theme: Design Studio
A stylish theme for design studios, construction companies, or any other style lovers.

0webgui-demo.jpg SeoSlave
This plugin will automatically show links from the link exchange system on your web site. The more links you display, the more backlinks you will get back. This is an easy way to increase your search engine keyword ranking by getting many valuable backlinks in minutes.

0MLform Macro
Macro to generate a formElement (default: Date)

0MLlang - Display internationalized content
A macro that makes it possible to show language dependent content and navigation

5Picture-2.png WebGUI iPhoto Plugin
Upload entire albums from iPhoto on your Mac to your favorite WebGUI Photo Galleries.

0Screen-shot-2009-10-06-at-1.24.57-PM.png Picasa Plugin
A Google Picasa plugin for Windows that uploads to a WebGUI photo gallery.

0Visual-IOB---2.png Visual IOB
A new template to give the In Out Board a little more visual punch.

5Picture-5.png WebGUI Macros Documentation
A 20+ page document covering 32 WebGUI macros. Included are screenshots and instructions for using each.

4screenshot.jpg non-browsable File Folder FTP template
This will the hide the listing of files unless "admin is turned on"

0screenshot.jpg Parent Macro
returns information about the current asset's parent.

4theme1.jpg Bloo theme
A simple, clean theme (or style, if you will) in blue and gray. Templates for style, layout, navigation and article (2) are included. Other features are a flyout menu and Cufon font replacement.

3mp3 popup player
When you click on your mp3 file asset, a popup window will appear and will play the mp3 file immediately.

0filefoldersimple.tmplt File Folder without dates and sizes
A simple File Folder template

0pop3-webmailer002.jpg POP3 Webmail
When installing this, you will have a webmail application directly within webgui. Send and receive emails in the comfort of your webbrowser.

This is the latest release of my Amazon wobject, ported for use now with WebGUI 7.x

0Remind Users about Uncommitted Version Tags
This workflow activity will send a targeted message to a user's email address with a link to commit the uncommitted version tag.

0RedirectUrl macro
gets the redirect url for navigations

0WRE on Ubuntu Karmic AMD64: patch
This patch corrects a few bugs that only show when the --ia64 of the build script is used and one change that was needed for mysql in this case.

0Script to install 7.8 packages.

3File Manager style template for Folder

0List of archived items so you can unarchive them.
This is a simple report that will list all the archived assets on a site.

4SMS Texting from DataForms
With this workflow-activity and foolproof instructions, you will be able to send form data out as SMS Text messages. Use this for "Reccomend site to a friend". Or enable your users to send SMS text messages from your site.

3Andreas06_screenshot.png Theme: Andreas06
This is a theme from OSWD, designed by Andreas Viklund, enhanced and converted into WebGUI theme by Ning. The original HTML and CSS file can be downloaded following this link to its page on OSWD.

3Greenportal_screenshot.png Theme: Greenportal
A Joomla! Open Source design released under the GNU/GPL License. Enhanced and converted into WebGUI theme by Ning. The original PHP and CSS file can be downloaded following the author's link:

4City-in-paint_screenshot.jpg Theme: City-in-Paint
This is a theme from OSWD, designed by Callum Rimme, enhanced and converted into WebGUI theme by Ning. The original HTML and CSS file can be downloaded following this link to its page on OSWD.

4Vanero_large_screenshot.jpg Theme: Vanero
This is a theme from OSWD, designed by Teun van Vegchel, enhanced and converted into WebGUI theme by Ning. The original HTML and CSS file can be downloaded following the OSWD link in the templates.

0Dcarter80_screenshot3_orange.PNG Theme: Dcarter 80
It combines three themes from OSWD, all designed by Dcarter, enhanced and converted into WebGUI theme by Ning. The original HTML and CSS files can be found by searching for the name of the author (Dcarter) on OSWD site.

0SymiSun_scr3.PNG Theme: SymiSun
An aesthetic theme incorporates a powerful search template and randomly displayed texts.

4Language flags
Language flags in a gimp-file

gets language abbreviation

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