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4screenshot.jpg non-browsable File Folder FTP template
This will the hide the listing of files unless "admin is turned on"

3File Manager style template for Folder

0SymiSun_scr3.PNG Theme: SymiSun
An aesthetic theme incorporates a powerful search template and randomly displayed texts.

0scr2.PNG Theme: Business Design
A simple theme that makes your business website look strictly formal.

4scr1.png Theme: CrystalX
A clean, formal and powerful WebGUI theme for your company.

0orange.png Theme: Chameleon
This theme is to participate in the WebGUI Design a Theme contest of 2009. If you like it, feel free to download and use it!

4screenshot1.PNG Theme: SiteStrong
A strong and flexible business theme for WebGUI.

0Touching-2.png Theme: Touching
A theme from OSWD, converted into WebGUI theme.

0new-webgui-7-style-3.png new-webgui-7-style-3
This theme is a slight modification of the original webgui-7-style-3 theme.

0Picture-2.png EditArea: Codearea editor with syntax highlighting
Add the EditArea code editor to the WebGUI Codearea for Snippets and Templates

0Picture-1.png CodeMirror: Codearea syntax highlighting and auto-indent
Add syntax highlighting and auto-indent for CSS, HTML, and JS to Snippet and Template assets.

5Picture-3.png Underground [style]
The Underground style from made into a WebGUI package.

0filefoldersimple.tmplt File Folder without dates and sizes
A simple File Folder template

3mp3 popup player
When you click on your mp3 file asset, a popup window will appear and will play the mp3 file immediately.

0Visual-IOB---2.png Visual IOB
A new template to give the In Out Board a little more visual punch.

4My-Company---Search_1220643089740.png Advanced Search
This search template provides the following features: * Google-style design * Post back to container to preserve page layout * Pop-up help screen * Friendly no-match message * Links include an anchor to the matched asset

0Afbeelding-1.png YUI Menus
Templates for adding cool YUI menus to your website.

0Dcarter80_screenshot3_orange.PNG Theme: Dcarter 80
It combines three themes from OSWD, all designed by Dcarter, enhanced and converted into WebGUI theme by Ning. The original HTML and CSS files can be found by searching for the name of the author (Dcarter) on OSWD site.

4City-in-paint_screenshot.jpg Theme: City-in-Paint
This is a theme from OSWD, designed by Callum Rimme, enhanced and converted into WebGUI theme by Ning. The original HTML and CSS file can be downloaded following this link to its page on OSWD.

4Vanero_large_screenshot.jpg Theme: Vanero
This is a theme from OSWD, designed by Teun van Vegchel, enhanced and converted into WebGUI theme by Ning. The original HTML and CSS file can be downloaded following the OSWD link in the templates.

3accordian_close.jpg Accordion Menu using Jquery - 3 Levels
Add an accordian style menu to your website.

3Greenportal_screenshot.png Theme: Greenportal
A Joomla! Open Source design released under the GNU/GPL License. Enhanced and converted into WebGUI theme by Ning. The original PHP and CSS file can be downloaded following the author's link:

3Andreas06_screenshot.png Theme: Andreas06
This is a theme from OSWD, designed by Andreas Viklund, enhanced and converted into WebGUI theme by Ning. The original HTML and CSS file can be downloaded following this link to its page on OSWD.

3Small Calendar Month Template
With about 15 minutes of coarse hackery, I created a small month calendar template.

0tabRowsDataForm.gif Semantic DataForm Template
This is a tabForm template that uses fieldset, legend and labels to improve accessibility. It turns the tabs into rows of fieldsets.

3Theme: Envision 1.0

2Lightbox2 Template Package
For anyone who likes the Lightbox2 style of displaying images (see if you don't know what Lightbox is) - I've bundled all the files together in a webgui package, and included two templates to make it

0Theme: NonZero
NonZero WebGUI Theme version 0.2 Author: Vidar SvanssonScreenshot available here. This package contains style templates in two sizes and five colours: red, blue, green, brown and magenta. The sizes are either fixed or fluid. The colours make it ea

4Theme: Zenlike
Zenlike is a free, lightweight, tableless, fluid W3C-compliant website design by NodeThirtyThree Design and WebGUI-ified by Jesse Kinross-Smith. All photos came from PDPhoto and the background texture is from Mayang's texture site. The license is

0Theme: Newfangled
Newfangled is a free site style from Free CSS Templates that has now been WebGUI-ified.

4Picture-2.png Burned Theme
I have completed the first conversion of many from an open source theme to a WebGUI style. The original comes from FreeCSSTemplates and I would recommend visiting that site for previews. It will be used at Nochara for an online novel which is being

2Picture-1.png Theme: Andreas02
This is a conversion of the theme which is visible at OSWD. A very nice theme, I think, and nicely usable as a portal for a network of sites. First, I would like to point to these directions to install a theme. I will only make one change to them,

3thread.jpg PHP BB Skin/Template
In the spirit of encouraging creativity, design staff at Plain Black have created an example to demonstrate the power of WebGUI templating. Plain Black has heard many questions and concerns from community members about customizing the look of WebGUI

0Collaboration Podcast Template
An alternate template for the RSS template in the Collaboration Asset that turns your posts into a podcast.

HTMLTemplatePHP supports embedded PHP Code in your templates. Native PHP Support for your templates. Installation: - install PHP-Interpreter ( - download file and pu

0Template update utility
Let's say you have an HTML or other text file you created or edited with an external HTML editor and you want to import this HTML as a template for a certain asset. ./ -t -f This takes the HTML file and using

0Wobject Code Template
This set of files should be used as a baseline for anyone wishing to develop custom Wobjects for WebGUI. It is currently made compatible with WebGUI

4XMLTemplate (Wobject)
The XMLTemplate Wobject is a beta project which I wrote for the

4Added "attachment" template vars to USS Template
Hello, I liked to be able to see the attachments in the www_view routine of I mean I wanted to see attachments in USS main view just like you can see them as you click on the submission. So I added the template vars to the www_view routi

0LoginTemplate Macro
This macro enables you to use templates for login boxes on your site. It provides you with a bunch of template variables that allows you to test the kind of manager or admin someone is, and some direct urls for switching on/off admin mode, go dire

4Emask - email address masking
This macro is used to mask email addresses so that they still work in browsers, but will not be picked up by most web-crawling address harvesters. It does so by replacing certain characters with their HTML character-code equivalents: the m of mailto

4Style Switcher
This macro is used to switch between two or more stylesheets. A live example is available on Look at the upper right corner, you can see the links :'aA'. They are used here to enlarge the fonts used in the site. This macro has been wri

3Mount your WebGUI database and edit templates as files
With this script, you can utilize Fuse and Fuse::DBI modules to mount templates from WebGUI and edit them using command-line utilities (like vi or ftp). It will present templates in WebGUI as directory tree consisting of directories (which repre

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