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5List of Thingy Fields
This package provides an SQL Report that generates a list of thingy fields sorted by Thing. It provides the SQL query for getting back the list of values for each field.

3Asset Checker Diagnostic Tool
This script allows you to look for broken assets as well as performance hogging assets in your site. For example, you might want to find out if some poorly performing SQL Reports are hindering site performance. perl --conf=www.ex over ssh
I have created a quick fix to from the /data/wre/sbin/ directory to be able to make backups over ssh. You will have to create an ssh key (ssh-keygen -t dsa works fine for me) and copy the contents of the to the authorized_keys in

2Change archive status op posts in batch
DESCRIPTION This script allows you to archive and unarchive all posts in a user definable part of the asset tree. Additionally it is possible to set the archiveAfter flag of collaboration systems for entire parts of your site at once. INSTALLATION

0Sorting table tips
here 2 tips to sort table with jquery and tablesorter : 1 - Sorting collaborative system search table.
This script will help you develop internationalized WebGUI code by automatically making i18n files for you. Documentation is in POD format inside the script. -- Switch between WebGUI source directories
This small script allows you to quickly switch between different versions of the WebGUI source. Given a symbolic link at /data/WebGUI, it deletes the link and creates a new link to the directory you specify. It also looks through the WRE's Apache

2Pending Version Tag Reminder Workflow Activity
This workflow activity lets you select a worfklow, and should any version tag that is pending approval exist for more than 2 days, a reminder email is

2Login script - set user profile data
This login script will set profile data for the user logging in. This script is called by the runOnLogin configuration setting. For example, you can use this script to set the user alias on login. Copy the script to /data/WebGUI/sbinAdd t

0W3C_Validator-Screenshot.png W3C Validator Workflow
Description This workflow is a proof of concept that demonstrates connecting to the W3C Markup Validation Service ( for web page validation. Currently, it only validates the default page. Results are sent by em

0screenshot.png WccAutoVote
Whoa! Last day to enter the "Best Workflow Activity that Integrates with an External Service" contest and nobody has submitted anything! Ok, here's something fun.. Let's choose someone else's WebGUI site as the External Service to integrate with. F

0replacement.jpg Form "CodeArea" Replacement
This FormField replaces the default "Codearea" FormField with CodePress Editor. Note: This is just a Test Release! Features: Syntax HighlightingTab SupportLine NumbersAuto Complete Installation:

0Debug db slaves script
This little script can help you debug problems with your db slaves by testing each slave connection one by one and printing out any connection errors. - add webgui user via url
There is a Wiki article on how this works and how to configure it is available from:

2Send an email to a specified address. WebGUI::VersionTag Workflow Activity
Place in /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Workflow/Activities/ Place

0Help file for WebGUI 7.3.4
This zip file contains the entire online Help shipped with WebGUI for 7.3.4 (pre-release).

4Custom database names for addsite in WRE
To apply:

0Flat help generator script
This perl script outputs all the built-in help as 1 flat HTML file, as well as several of the files in the docs directory. Simply place it in your WebGUI/sbin directory and call it from there. perl --configFile=WebGUI.conf I've recent

4Help files for WebGUI 7.2.0
This zipped, flat HTML file of all the built-in WebGUI Help was generated from pre-released 7.2.0. It covers 7.1.* and also 7.0.* If there's lots of interest, I could generate Help files for the latest subversion of each of those so that newer inf

0WebGUI 7.0.7 (source) and FreeBSD 5.5
Here's how I did it. :-) It's a very specialized setup that was requested by a customer but the basics are good. I hope it's a help to someone. Sorry about the HTML attachment ... it's a export from my Wiki and I was just too lazy to reformat it a

3"WebGUI 7.0.6"+"Dapper Drake"
Full setup of Ubuntu 6.06 LTS "Dapper Drake" for WebGUI 7.0.6 At first - excuse my bad english

0WUC Photo Gallery Demo
The attached file contains the Wobject code, template code, and database files created in the Wobject Workshop at the WUC

3adminconsole-orange.jpg Orange AdminConsole 7.06
I modified the AdminConsole a little bit. I put some space between the columns (it bothered me), and coloured it orange. If your going to use it, make sure you change the URL to the css-file in:;procee

5WebGUI 7 Bookmarks Toolbar
WebGUI 7 Bookmarks Toolbar Versie: 0.9 Auteur: Arjan Widlak, arjan at unitedknowledge dot nl Copyright: United Knowledge 2005 -2006 Licentie: GPL,

0WebGUI API doc all in one file

0Network Connection Test, DNS Lookup
Two new methods for (or better yet your own package).

0Help files for WebGUI 6.99.5
Flat version of all built-in WebGUI Help for WebGUI 6.99.5 (pre-release). Major changes in documentation include documentation for Style Template Wizard, version control forms are documented and some template documents have been converted to show a

3Admin Password Reset Script
with this script you can set a new password for the admin user. simply put this script into your sbin directory and rename it to this script is currently beta, backup your database/files before using.

0Events Calendar fixes for WebGUI 6.8.x
This is a backport of the Events Calendar and DateTime modules for people that are running WebGUI 6.8.x and having problems with the Event Calendar. It contains all Events Calendar and DateTime fixes up to WebGUI 6.99.3. Note: this patch is intende

0Help docs for 6.8.10
Flat version of the 6.8.10 docs, including online help and several text files in the docs directory.

3Maintenance Mode Control
The standard WebGUI script will turn on maintenance mode while it is upgrading a site.

0Template update utility
Let's say you have an HTML or other text file you created or edited with an external HTML editor and you want to import this HTML as a template for a certain asset. ./ -t -f This takes the HTML file and using

0Asset Installer (beta 0.3.0)
Version 0.3.0 Added WRE integration so people using the WRE do not have to add the 3 settings to their site's config file, as before. ____________________________________________________ The following download is a beta version of an

0Fix DataForm with Bad ordering
THIS SCRIPT WILL NOT REPAIR BROKEN DATAFORMS DUE TO UPGRADING TO MYSQL 5.0 In WebGUI 6.8.3, a bug was introduced that caused DataForm fields to lose their order.

0DataForm to table
This is a very simple script to translate DataForms into regular SQL tables that are easy to run queries against. It has been tested against 6.2.11, and will probably work with more recent versions with a few modifications

0Help docs for WebGUI 6.8.4
These are the complete docs from the built-in WebGUI help for 6.8.4 in English.

4WebGUI Help for 6.7.8
All docs from the online Help in one flat, indexed HTML

0Italian translation for Photogallery
Hello, This is an Italian translation for Photogallery Wobject

4Spellingcorrections for swedish messages
I made some spellingcorrections for the swedish messages in the database (table international) I have attached a diff file for the sql-script create.sql.
A program for converting the WebGUI mysqldump file into an Oracle suitable SQL file used to create the database schema for WebGUI in Oracle 8.1.7 including filling of clob fields via DBD/DBI.

4Traditional Chinese
Dear All: I translated for Traditional Chinese(big5), which based on Simple Chinese. Now it's just trial. Hope it's useful for using Traditional Chinese persons. Very thnaks for, I bother him much

4mysql 2 postgres converter
This script converts the webgui .sql files from MySQL format to Postgres format. It is a slightly modified version of the script from Maxim Rudensky. Usage: ./ create.sql >

0htmlArea WYSIWYG for WebGUI 4.6.9
Update: Now includes drop-in support for WebGUI macro's.htmlArea is an open source WYSIWYG editor that works with IE5.5 and higher. See for a complete Overview.I've done some slight modifications to t

4Latest 10 Active pages edited on your system
Yet another report showing the latest 10 items on your system. This however take the startDate and endDate specified into account thus only showing active content. SQL report: SELECT

4Modificated/Updated htmlArea
Here is the update V 2.03

0Empty Username Patch
Well, i where fideling around perhaps a bit to much, and ended up with a bunch of users without a username. The result where that I couldn't delete them, since the link in the userlist is dependant of the user actualy having a username. Don't worry

4Authorization via NIS/YP
Well, this addon, when installed, will give you the abilitie to authorize users towards your default NIS domain. Instalation:

0db backup script
I thought I'd post the little script that I use to run daily backups of my WebGUI databases.

4LDAP over SSL
Here are the files you will need to get LDAP working via SSL. The Readme has a step by step to install, and a discription of the new options.

4HTMLArea Add-ons
This addons

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