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Keyword: acme Smiley macro
it searches two directories that contain macros and will return a random smiley to the page
Just fill in the site, username and password you desire and run it from the command line like this: perl You can even put it in a cronjob to let it run over and over again. You do need DateTime and /tmp available to write the cookie ja

This macro brings all the power of the 1980's BASIC programming language to your WebGUI site!

0Google/Youtube video macro
Installation: Drop in your WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Macro/ folder. Then add this line (without the trailing comma if it's the last one) to the macro list in your WebGUI config file:

0l33tout-screenshot.png L33tout asset
NAME WebGUI::Asset::Wobject::L33tout DESCRIPTION Always wanted to join the high ranks of the famed scriptkiddie scene? Are you planning to deliver content in true garbled crap fashion? Do you know how to 5pE@k l33T, but your lazyness, impatience a

USAGE: ^AudioScrobbler(Radiohead);

0apple.png HGR Macro
Revive the past! Use Apple II High Resolution Graphics (HGR) as assets on your WebGUI system. No conversion needed!

4Come back already!
USAGE Add this Workflow Activity to your site to make WebGUI beg users to come back and re-visit your site. File under ACME::EvilInventions. View a screenshot here DESCRIPTION Sends custom emails to users on your site who haven't logged in for a c

08 ball macro

0BOFH Excuse Macro

3TextImage Macro
The TextImage macro allows you to make an ASCII representation of any image in your asset tree. Not only is this a cool trick to impress your friends at parties, you can now also provide a new means of access to people still using textbrowsers lik l Quote Macro
The BashQuote macro pulls a block of random quotes from a xml feed and displays one randomly on each page view. For those unfamiliar, is a website that features a large database of quoted conversations from various IRC channels.

0Memory Game
The Memory Game wobject is based on the classic reveal and match games we all played as kids.

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