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0List of archived items so you can unarchive them.
This is a simple report that will list all the archived assets on a site.

4screenshot-2.png Chatbox
Add chat to your website.

3Listing.example.JPG Listings 1.7 for WebGUI 7.X
A mega little app for WebGUI 7. It is based on OpenRealty which is a php house selling script, but can be used for many things that require a searchable and user customizable list. Eg products, classified ads etc.

This is the latest release of my Amazon wobject, ported for use now with WebGUI 7.x

3Asset Report
The configuration is very similar to the navigation asset, and indeed it is based on that (in fact, it probably has some code leftover from nav that could be gotten rid of). This is a better, more generalized replacement for the RecentPosts macro I

3RSS feeds on all CS posts
This small patch makes every post in a CSS "offer" the RSS feed of that CS. (i.e. in Mozilla Firefox the little RSS icon will show up in the address bar). Normally this only happens on the collaboration system's root page. Instructions: Apply the

0Collaboration Podcast Template
An alternate template for the RSS template in the Collaboration Asset that turns your posts into a podcast.

3JSHttpProxy (1.2)
The JSHttpProxy object is an additional proxy object that works similarly to the built-in HttpProxy object, but uses ajax to retrieve the remote content.

HTMLTemplatePHP supports embedded PHP Code in your templates. Native PHP Support for your templates. Installation: - install PHP-Interpreter ( - download file and pu

The SQLForm asset allows you to dynamically create data input and storage functionality in your site. All data is put in a table of your choice in a database of your choice. An arbitrary form element can be tied to each field and input forms ca

Workshop talks can be sorted into an user-specified order or sorted by speaker name.

I am trying to use chartdirector to create charts. I think I am doing it right but am not certain. I haven't purchased chartdirector, is there a limitation to what I can do with the download version? Is the SQL syntax just standard syntax? select

4Stock List

2Zip Archive Asset

4Advanced search wobject
Advanced Search functionality for WebGUI Description: This package adds advanced (google like) search functionality to your WebGUI site. Key features: Uses an index rather than searching on the life data.Support for highlighting of search resu

0Having a Proxy on server-side (Syndicated and HTTP Proxy)
Hi, I have added a feature to allow server-side external content to use a web proxy (Syndicated and HTTP Proxy WObjects), usefull if your server needs to get external files through a web proxy such as SQUID. To use it, use the following command

4Simple Page Counter is a verry simple Page Counter who uses small files to store the values. Not a "big deal" but maybe helpfull for someone who would like to have a counter only. Copy the in your macro path, addjust webgui.conf with the new macro

0Search (MnoGo) Widget
This widget ties the MnoGo search engine into WebGUI via a simple widget. It is more powerful that the built in search functionality of WebGUI, however it does not take full advantage of the MnoGO Search Engine either. Perhaps I'll need to work on th

0Fantasy Football League (Wobject)
Football as in pigskin, not as in Euro football aka soccer. This is a fully functional fantasy football league wobject for WebGUI. This is what it can do: Unlimited divisions. Unlimited teams per division. Unlimited players per team. Unlimite

0Wobject Code Template
This set of files should be used as a baseline for anyone wishing to develop custom Wobjects for WebGUI. It is currently made compatible with WebGUI

4Trivia Wobject
This wobject allows you to create trivia on your site. This wobject requires WebGUI 5.2.0 or greater. TODO Internationalize. Add privileges to allow users to submit their own questions for a sort of Trivia-matic application. Add help. NOTE: Thi

4photogallery.jpg Photo Gallery
***************************************************v2.1.0 -

4XMLTemplate (Wobject)
The XMLTemplate Wobject is a beta project which I wrote for the

4Driving Directions (Wobject)
Need an interface to give the visitors to your website

0shot.jpg Counter Widget
New Version: 0.3 !! ChangeLog: --0.3-- * now you can use images !! (see the screenshot) --0.2-- * custom msg. You can add a pre and post msg like : You are the ### visitor. * Session control --0.1-- first release This is a Counter widg

0ScreenShots Widget
this is a screenshots widget for WebGUI. I made this widget to manage the screenshots of my game. Features: * number of columns * preview for each image * comment for each image * it use the page style for each image

4screen2.png MS Word Widget
This Widget enables you to check in MS-Word documents. The documents are transformed into HTML (by a cronjob) with wvWare ( The original document is attached to the site. It works with WebGUI Version 2.1.1 and 2.2.0.

4Enhanced EventsCalendar Wobject
This EventsCalendar Wobject is enhanced with an extra template that will generate a MasterEventCalendar that display ALL events from all the individual events calendars on your site. The zipfile contains two wobjects that does the same: - MasterEv

The HttpProxy Wobject allows you to embed external webpages as Wobject in your WebGUI site. Also things like chat-scripts, whois-scripts, etc.

4XML Client for WebGUI

A simple chat for your homepage. This version is not using any Jabber stuff, and so it is considerably less bloated than the previous version. It was most recently tested on WebGUI 6.0.3. I have no idea if it works with later or earlier versi

For up to date

3taskManagerScreenShots.jpg Task Manager Wobject
The Task Manager wobject provides a shared to-do list for managing a group's tasks. The Task Manager allows users to play zero or more roles and therefore provide some granular privileges on task creation and modification activities. The group

4SimpleSearch wobject
This wobject isn't as fancy and complex as Len's Advanced (indexed) Search, thus the name SimpleSearch. Basicly this wobject replaces the standard WebGUI search facility, extended with templating functionallity. One extra feature is that you can

4Page Wizard
PageWiz makes it possible to link data obtained from the DataForm wobject to a customised template inside a User Submission System (USS) framework. PageWiz also makes it possible to edit data in the 'DataForm_entryData' table. The magic happens

3Dynamic Button macro
This is a Macro for generating dynamic buttons. You can use a background

3Shopping Cart Wobject
Here is a little wobject I threw together in the last few days. I hope you like it. :) You can look at a working version on my development site: There are many features; most are what you'd expect in a s

What's SQLEdit? (Current version: 06.03.03/2005-01-25) SQLEdit is a W(eb)object for WebGUI  one of the most popular open source content management systems (CMS).  Currently supports WebGUI release 5.5, 6.0, 6.1 and 6.2 under Linux and Windows. SQLEd

4Related Items
Description: The "Related Items" wobject allows you to create arbitrary relationships between pages on (and outside) your WebGUI installation in a streamlined way. You can think of the "Related Items" wobject as a souped-up semantically-aware Lin

0Events Calendar improvements
why don't you include permissions into it. for example: we have two calendars: one for admin group another for local users. solution: to use one calendar but to filter messages. i.e. admin can see everything, localusers only messages with l

4GDWGraph: Create graphs in WebGUI

4Contact Manager

4Issues Manager

0Blob binary data viewer
BlobViewer: view binary data stored in BLOB fields.Current version is: 00.00.01/2004-09-26 BLOB database fields are particular columns dedicated to store large binary data. You can use them to store binary files such as images, pdf document, AutoCAD

3amazon.gif Amazon Wobject
I am pleased to announce my Amazon browsing wobject using the Amazon Version 4.0 API. The wobject enables you to place amazon content on your site and browse through the content firstly in a list like the picture shown, with prices. You can see a

4shortchat.jpg ShortChat change: Added userHash as a variable. No other changes. Suggested usage: > I *think* I fixed most of the issues with respect to ShortChat running on WebGUI 6

0NotifySubjectForumEdit.PNG Templatized Subject Line for Notifications
Premise: I was getting annoyed that the subject line in email notifications was uneditable. (in 6.2.9 it defaults to WebGUI::International::get(523,"WebGUI",$u->profileField("language")); which is.... '523' => {message => q|Notification|,...}

4User List
Description The User List can show a list of users and an ordered selection of their profile fields. It has a 'group to show' and a 'group to hide' option. The wobject takes into account the user-value or default-value for publicProfile and publicEma

4PhotoGallery for WebGUI 6.2
UPDATE Version 2.1.2 now works with WebGUI 6.2.9. Also the help system is working again! English, Dutch (needs completion) and Simplified Chinese (also needs completion) translations are again available. Also upgrade path from v2.1.0 (the WebGUI

4Mason Script Wobject
The Mason Script wobject provides the ability to run perl-based Mason components (in standalone mode) as a WebGUI wobject. This wobject brings together the power of WebGUI with the flexibility of scripted server pages. Mason is a server side s

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