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WGDev is a pluggable script for WebGUI developers. Contains a number of commands to make development, and is easily extended to provide more. Among the included commands are:

db: Connect to your WebGUI database with the mysql command line client. Can also load and dump database scripts.

edit: Edit assets specified by URL or asset ID using your preferred editor, or an arbitrary command.

package: Import or export packages, with an option to place files in the correct upgrade directory.

reset: Resets a site to the default state, including extensive options for cleanups to perform after doing so.

Additional commands can be written using WGDev and WebGUI's API. Full documentation of all command line options is provided. WGDev can be installed either as a single script with all included commands, or as a standard CPAN style distribution. To install the single script, run the following on your command line:

  • curl -O
  • chmod +x wgd

Release Notes for Version 0.1009070 (5/9/2011)
  • fix tarball distribution
  • fix Reset handling of WebGUI 8 caching
  • converted to Dist::Zilla for packaging
5perlDreamer: "This package rocks!  It's saved me tons of time, especially in dealing with templates."
5patspam: "Totally agreed, I pretty much can't live without wgd nowadays. Ridiculously useful. And great for building custom functionality on top of. Hats off to Haarg!"
5knowmad: "Yes, this tool is da bomb! Among other things, it makes site migrations a cinch. Thanks haarg!"
DownloadWGDev-v0.8.0.tar.gz WGDev-v0.8.0.tar.gz
wgd wgd
WGDev-v0.7.0.tar.gz WGDev-v0.7.0.tar.gz
WGDev-v0.5.0.tar.gz WGDev-v0.5.0.tar.gz
WGDev-0.1009070.tar.gz WGDev-0.1009070.tar.gz
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Updated: 5/9/2011
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