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WG site toggle shell script

This script is used for temporarily turning off one WebGUI site while keeping all your other sites running. It assumes you are using the WRE. It is different from maintenance mode in that your webserver will respond with it's default website (usually the first one alphabetically) to requests for the site that has been turned off.

I use this script for two main reasons:

1) My dev environment is low ram. With this script I can work on one site and then easily switch to a different site without having to have both sites running at the same time.

2) If I'm troubleshooting a problem in a multisite environment that does not indicate which site is causing the problem. I can switch a site or sites off and determine which site has the issue.

This script turns off sites by appending ".off" to the .conf, .modproxy and .modperl configuration files and turns them back on by removing the ".off".

This script is provided "as is".

System Requirements

WebGUI 7.x

WRE 0.8 or higher

Release Notes for Version 1 (10/22/2012)

Initial release

This script was developed against WebGUI 7.6.35 and WRE 0.9.4. However, it should work on any version of WebGUI in the 7.x series and any WRE greater than 0.8.

Please contact with any questions.

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