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Theme: SiteStrong

A strong and flexible business theme for WebGUI. Adapts dynamically to the structure of a website. Very easy to navigate.

The provided style templates and .CSS files can be used as an illustration how to integrate and customize the Yahoo! User Interface menu class with WebGUI.

As an illustration of endless WebGUI presentation functionality, some style templates have augmented functionality for display and navigation using CSS selectors, descendant selectors and the HTML attributes id and class.

WebGUI websites using the SiteStrong theme remain:

  • XHTML strict compliant
  • Cross browser compatible ( tested with IE, Firefox and Safari )
  • Compatible with WebGUI 7.6 or later


The implementation of the SiteStrong theme on WebGUI was an interesting learning experience. I hope it encourages others to provide readily deployable themes for WebGUI as well.


System Requirements

WebGUI 7.6 or later.


Release Notes for Version 1 (6/14/2011)

Installation notes provided. Theme follows guidelines as published in "how to give WebGUI your own style" wiki entry.




4ning: "This is a very clean theme and is robust toward many variables (e.g. menu size menu level, page layouts), great!"
DownloadSiteStrong-Installation.pdf SiteStrong-Installation.pdf
themes_sitestrong.wgpkg themes_sitestrong.wgpkg
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Updated: 6/14/2011
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