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Theme: Green Planet

Theme "Green Planet" is designed by converted to WebGUI theme by Ning. Feel free to use it as long as you keep the "" link in the footer. 


  1. XHTML 1.0 strict validated
  2. CSS validated (level 2.1)
  3. cross-browser compatible
  4. dynamic navigation


User Guide

  1. From your WebGUI backend, import the WebGUI package (.wgpkg file) into directory Root>Themes, then it becomes a folder called Green_Planet
  2. Change your Style Template to Green_Planet_Style
  3. Sit back and enjoy your website!


Ning - Pluton IT

System Requirements

WebGUI 7.5+

Release Notes for Version 1 (2/18/2011)

Developed and tested on WebGUI 7.9.14 stable;

Browser compatibility: IE6, FireFox 3.6, Safari 4.0.

0ning: "Sorry that the navigation wasn't working with the first version... now with the update pkg it should be working fine.

I changed it in the style template:
4ning: "And by the ^ i meant a caret"
0knowmad: "Nicely done Ning. BTW, you are loading an older version of Jquery in the header tags (v1.3) and are statically setting the description and keyword meta tags. I think you should remove those as WebGUI will automatically insert them from the Page Layout metadata."
Downloadtheme_green_planet.wgpkg theme_green_planet.wgpkg
themes_green_planet.wgpkg themes_green_planet.wgpkg
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ScreenshotsGreenPlanet_scr2.PNG GreenPlanet_scr3.PNG GreenPlanet_scr1.PNG
Statistics Downloads: 1572
Views: 5244
Rating: 4
Updated: 2/18/2011
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