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MLlang - Display internationalized content

^MLlang ( <langAbbr_=_text> [_:_<langAbbr>_=_<text>]...
                      | <invalue><_#_|_M_>[<dictionary_category | fieldname=fieldvalue><_#_|_M_>[<infield><_#_|_M_>[<outfield><_#_|_M_>[<table>]]]] )

           Watch out for the delimiters:

           To decide for a text:
           1. _=_  is delimiter for lang => show value
           2. _:_  is delimiter for further languages

           To select a value from a table

           3. _#_    for all text
           4. _M_    for menuetext, without HTML-tags

More in included perldoc.



System Requirements
  • For showing alternative text, depending on session language:
  • For use, based on predefined translations:
    Thingy table with special structure. (Can be adapted for other tables.
    See doc.
  • Enter
    "MLlang" : "MLlang",
    within the macro definitions of your config.
Release Notes for Version 10/2688 (10/8/2010)


An updated version with a bit more perldoc, which explains how
to use the Macro, if you have a problem to generate the mentioned Thingy-table:

                              Deutscher Text
                              English text
                              Nederlandse tekst
for text to translate within your (multi-langual) articles


to translate your titles, menues etc. Do this in the templates, e.g.:

              <tmpl_if displayTitle>
                  <h1>^MLiflang(<tmpl_var title>_M_);</h1>



Minor bug changes

0martien: "An actual RFE (#11329) describes a change for Thingy, which helps to init the special Thingy-structure.

0martien: "Tip: To define the language to start with, coming to your site, you'll have to change the profile of the anonymous user "Login"."
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