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FancyBox for WebGUI

This package provides the FancyBox jQuery library v1.3.4 <> for displaying images, videos, and HTML content in an elegant box. In addition to the FancyBox library files, it also includes article templates and samples.

Usage -
1. Download and import the FancyBox4Webgui.wgpkg file into your website (suggested location is Root).
2. Create a new article
3. Set the Article Template to one of the FancyBox templates available
4. Add your content and images to the article. You'll need to do so in accordance with the usage instructions for FancyBox. You can see the examples provided to get started.
5. Test. See the Trouble-shooting section below if you don't get the expected results.

Contributing -
There are many, many options for using FancyBox. I have included only a few samples to get you started. If you create useful templates that you'd like to make available to others, please send them to

Trouble-shooting -
* Be sure that you've selected the appropriate FancyBox Article Template.
* Be sure your templates are not loading a version of jquery prior to v1.4. I've run into situations where a template was loading an older version of jquery which was overriding the article templates which load v1.4.
* Check for any Javascript errors.
* Read the FancyBox usage instructions -

System Requirements

None. All required files are included.

Release Notes for Version 1 (3/19/2011)

Tested on WebGUI v7.9.22

5elnino: "YES!!! Good job!"
DownloadFancyBox4WebGUI.wgpkg FancyBox4WebGUI.wgpkg
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