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Facebook Publisher

Facebook Publisher is the skeleton of a system to cross publish content from a WebGUI site onto Facebook pages. An example workflow activity is given that publishes a title, link, and synopsis to Facebook every time a new thread is started in a Collaboration System. However, this could also be directly integrated into assets, command line utilities, or into other workflow activities. It could be made to publish photos, calendar entries, or really anything to Facebook.


Install Instructions

1) Install Facebook::Graph on your server. 


2) Create your app using

3) Copy into lib/WebGUI/Content and into lib/WebGUI/Workflow/Activity.


4) Add a setting:


insert into settings values ('facebookPublisherAccessToken','');


5) Insert "FacebookPublisher" into the contentHandlers list in your config file just before "Asset".


6) Insert "WebGUI::Workflow::Activity::FacebookThreadPoster" into workflowActivities in the "WebGUI::VersionTag" section.


7) Add a new section to your config file using your Facebook App information:


"facebookPublisher" : {

   "appId" : "",

   "secret" : ""



8) Restart modperl.


9) Visit this URL to configure Facebook with WebGUI.


10) Create a workflow using Facebook Thread Poster.


11) Assign it to a CS.


12) From then on when someone starts a thread, it will get posted to Facebook.


NOTE: This could be used to do so much more. The one workflow activity should be looked at as an example. It could just as easily be posting calendar events, story manager stories, etc.

System Requirements

You need to install Facebook::Graph to use this module. It was designed for WebGUI 7.9, but probably would work with any 7.x version, and may also work with WebGUI 8 when it comes out.

Release Notes for Version 1 (7/12/2011)

Version 1:

I made this for a need I had for a couple of project sites. And I released it in this form for a demonstration I'll be giving as a Lightning Talk at the WUC. Eventually this sort of thing could be refined and built directly into WebGUI as a standard feature anybody could use.

5ehab: "This is amazing really. I will be trying it out. I just hope that it will be contiiously updated."
0elnino: "ehab, are you using this? does it work for you? I might try it too!
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